Doing What It Takes To Succeed

I have personally been producing beats for YEARS now and sometimes it takes a different approach and lifestyle changes to make major changes happen. For so many years I had the mentally that I could just get fl studio and learn as i go and do just enough to get by with my instrumentals and everything would just fall in place...i was soo wrong (LOL). Learned that when creating beats its wrong to have a bunch of clashing frequencies, its wrong to not mix and master beats, and its wrong to think just because i upload a beat fans are going to grow on trees. I really thought these things were okay at one point. You have to study and learn your craft the right way!

Ways i have went about doing this is studying on such sites like FutureProducers and Youtube. There are plenty of people on the internet that are willing to help you gain the knowledge you are looking for whether you are a rapper, singer, song writer etc. Also joining in on forum sites and actually engaging in the post that you are interested in helps a ton too. Time shouldn't be an excuse as to why you cant chase a dream. My day consist of waking up going to the gym for a hour or two, going to a full time job and studying music on breaks, then working on beats after or before work and on defiantly on weekends. If you really want to achieve your goals you have to dedicate time to your craft and always above all have FAITH. I hope this helps anyone that comes aross this post with a little added motivation. Don't forget to subscribe to the emailing list to stay updated! - D-Red Beatz

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