Chris Brown Soulja Boy Beef

Chris Brown And Soulja Boy Beef

Whats up its D-Red Beatz back again with another blog but this time im talking artist in the mainstream rap industry and their supposed beef between each other and my opinion of this. Well first off I think its just out right weird that two artist (Chris Brown and Soulja Boy) that have established themselves very well in an industry would have time to fight! People would give up literally everything they had to get and experience the fame and fortune. My personal opinion is that the fame and fortune got boring af and there was nothing else to do but start some shit to pass the time better i really dont know! LOL. Not hating or nothing but just being real who knows it seems like Hip Hop artist that have made it always get some kind of hate that comes with it, guess that just comes with anything that brings a person success.

Honestly what makes this whole fight a little more valid and legit was when Soulja brought up Chris Browns daughter Royalty in the argument, that was the real turning point. Its only natural to get in instinctive mode and ready to protect at all cost as a man when family gets brought up in any argument. Supposedly they was suppose to box it out and even hired the likes of professional boxers like Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson to help train them, thats when i knew they was serious with it! But when i seen they was going to have the fight waaay later and not within the month or month after... i knew it wasn't going to happen. They already called the fight off hahaha!

Also when i think of it, it all sounds like one big publicity stunt which would make sense to keep an artist to keep them in the public's eye and keep them relevant. Its a technique im sure the Kardashians do to stay making money coming in for themselves. Well thats all i got on this one, give the beats a listen and holla at ya boiiiiiii.

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