New Emerging Genre Of Rap?

A newer genre of rap is starting to emerge on the internet thanks to artist such as XXXtentation/ Trippie Redd and Scarlxrd thats starting to get a buzz. The genre of rap has different names such as "Alternative Rock" "Screamo Rap and my favorite of them all "Trap Metal", The sound of this style is very aggressive and not your normal trap style. What sets this style apart is the mixture of rock elements such as with the artist voice with the "screaming for lack of better teams" and the basic elements of real Trap beats not that edm they decided to call the same as our trap which was dumb in my perspective. The basic elements of the hard snare, 808s, fast hihats. But with Trap metal the producer takes it a step further and adds horrorcore elements to instrumentation and heavily distorted 808s. I personally have grown a liking to this style simply for the aggression gets me going with workouts and frustration in my life and the fact that they made found a way to bring more Hip Hop swag into Rock which i love! Linkin Park was the first group to introduce me to a style simiular to this way back in the day....yeea i dont know where else to go from there so random note i suppose lol! I love making this style of production and hope i can become a part of this culture, real exciting to see what new artist and styles will become of all of this in the future.

scarlxrd trap metal artist from u.k

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