New Model For Signing Rap Artist?

The reason why i want to post a blog on this matter is the fact that the climate out here is changing with the new ways of using the internet and and culture. In my opinion in order for an artist to get signed to a major label they would have to have more than just talent these days. It seems as if a major label wont look your way unless you have a huge online presence and following. I dont blame them for using this approach because at the end of the day these labels are running a business and they need to know if they invest money into an artist they are going to get their return and more. Also you have to put into consideration that their job is on the line if they cant produce talent that can bring in revenue so they can keep the lights on so to speak so its very important that an artist can make it seem like they are more than worth the investment. Lets go back to when i mentioned that an artist needs more than just talent, if you look at the artist that are considered popular such as 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, XXXtentation, Bhad Bhabie, Drake, Travis Scott etc. etc. the list goes on. What all these artist have in common is they draw attention to themselves they find a way to make you talk about them almost weekly and that keeps the consumers thinking and the consumers wanting more which is a great way to drive revenue for a company. So like the 48 laws of power says court attention at all cost. It might land you a fortune and a deal.


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